Children are a wonderful gift from the Lord and we are glad that you want to mark this occasion with a church ceremony. At Cobbitty Anglican Church we offer two types of christening service: 

A service of Naming and Thanksgiving and a service of Infant Baptism. Both services allow for godparents and involve the giving of a gift Bible to the child being christened.


What is the difference between a Naming Service and a Baptism?

The service of Naming and Thanksgiving allows parents to publicly give thanks to God for their child, to celebrate the support of family and friends and to pray for God's blessing on their child. The service does not require parents to make a public declaration of their faith in Jesus or to make any commitment to regular attendance at Cobbitty Anglican Church.

Parents wishing to have a Naming and Thanksgiving Ceremony for their child will need to book a private service for their family and friends. These are conducted at 11:15am or 12pm most Sundays of the year. There is only one family per service and a service booking fee of $200 applies.

 Baptism, on the other hand, is, by its very nature, a sign of membership in God's church. It is a ceremony which symbolises both the forgiveness of sin and the new life which Jesus brings to the person being baptised. During the service, the child's parents (or one of the parents) make a strong public profession of their faith in Christ. They declare that they are trusting in Jesus alone for their salvation, and that they are following Jesus as their Lord. They also declare their commitment to meeting together with God's people Sunday by Sunday, and involving their child in the life of the church.

Those wishing to pursue infant baptism for their child should begin attending one of the regular Sunday services, getting to know the congregation and the minister. In time, if they still feel it is right, we can book in a date for their child to be baptised. There is no cost for a baptism.


How do I book?

To book a Naming and Thanksgiving Service please phone the Minister, Rev. David Barrie, on 4651 2226. He will advise which dates are available and organise a time to meet with both parents at the Rectory. Please call rather than email as it is much easier to coordinate calendars over the phone.