You're invited to join the Cobbitty Women's Book Club. Our book club meets every 6 to 8 weeks in the Rectory and aims to be a group that explores interesting books across a wide range of topics; fiction, non fiction and biographies. We would love more women to join the group!

If you would like to know more information, contact Jo Barrie on 0405 122 389.


2019 Reading List

16 May - ‘For the Joy’ edited by Miriam Chan and Sophia Russell

From the desert to the mountains, from remote far-flung places of the most populated cities in the world, ‘For the Joy’ brings together 21 unique perspectives on what it’s really like being a mother on the mission field. Honestly written, raw in emotion, sad and joyful in equal measure, this collection of stories offers insights into the complexities of parenting children while serving God far from home.

4 July - ‘By the Way - Know the Joy of the Journey’ by Irene Voysey

There are many questions that have become barriers to sharing our faith. This book answers these questions by sharing the writer’s personal experiences. She defines opportunities and difficulties, offers practical hints; confesses inadequacies and presents confronting challenges. The book affirms that sharing our faith is imperative and possible and that is a joyful experience!

22 August - ‘Take This Cup’ by Bodie and Brock Thoene

When Nehemiah begins hearing whispers and experiencing portentous visions, it quickly becomes clear to his father and his rabbi that the young cupbearer is meant for a higher purpose….but what? Certain that the Messiah is alive at that very moment, the family waits for the boy’s destiny to be revealed. From the ancient site of the Garden of Eden, Nehemiah undertakes a perilous journey. The caravan route is full of danger, hardship and mystery - all of it linked to what Nehemiah has in his keeping. In due time, his path becomes clear - it leads to Jerusalem, to a wealthy pharisee named Joseph of Arimathea…and to Jesus of Nazareth.

24 October - ‘Forgiving Hitler’ by Kathy Diosy

When Kathy Diosy touched the boots of the hanged men, the ones who had murdered families like hers and destroyed countless lives, she felt pleasure - the pleasure of revenge. From Budapest to Vienna, from Austria to Australia, the story of Kathy’s escape from the Nazis is also one of escape from bitterness and hatred. It’s a journey to discover who needs to forgive whom.

21 November - Christmas get together


Coming soon.... our Book Club resource list. If you are looking for something to read, this resource list will showcase all the books we have read and other books highly recommended by our group.