At Cobbitty Anglican Church, we believe marriage is a gift from God, given for the wellbeing of families and society. The information below will help you get a feel for what is involved in getting married at our church.

Get in Touch

After reading the information below, please call the minister, David Barrie, on 4651 2226. He can answer any questions you have, check the availability of dates and arrange a time to meet with you. Dave will also send you a booking letter with instructions on how to pay your deposit.

First Meeting - Marriage Preparation

Four months prior to the wedding the couple getting married will come to dinner with the minister, Dave, and his wife Jo. As well as being a chance to get to know one another, this meal provides an opportunity to talk through the relational aspects of marriage in a relaxed environment. It also provides opportunity to discuss the wedding service and identify any planning details which need to be taken care of at this early stage.

Before arriving at this first meeting, couples are asked to complete the online PREPARE questionnaire. This questionnaire measures several relational dynamics that are crucial to a healthy marriage. It will identify fruitful topics for discussion over dinner.

Couples will also need to bring the Notice of Intended Marriage form to the first meeting along with their birth certificates to be sighted by the minister.

Second Meeting – Understanding the Service and Wedding Rehearsal

The second meeting normally takes place 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding. The minister will walk the couple through the wedding service, explaining the different elements as they come up. There is a chance to practice saying your wedding vows, to finalise any details that are still outstanding and to practice walking down the aisle. During this meeting, the couple will also be asked to sign an official form stating that there is no legal impediment to their marriage.

Other members of the bridal party or family are welcome to attend the rehearsal. However, it is suggested that they arrive 30 minutes after the couple to give time for the minister to talk to the couple in private.

Other Considerations

Verger The provision of a verger is included in the cost of your wedding. The verger will open, set up and clean the church prior to the wedding and pack up after the ceremony is complete. They will be there to assist the bridal party when they arrive and to arrange them for the procession. The verger will ring the bell at the end of the ceremony. If you need anything on the day that relates to the building the verger is there to help you.

Organist St Paul’s has a large historic organ constructed in 1876. It sounds great and adds to the atmosphere of a traditional wedding. If you would like to book the St Paul’s organist for the day it will be an additional $150.

Music If you wish to play a piece of recorded music through the church sound system this can be easily arranged by speaking to the minister. Live music is more difficult. The church sound system is very limited so you will most likely need to bring your own sound equipment if you wish to have live music other than the organ.

Photo memories The church has a roof mounted projector and you are welcome to play a photo montage set to music during the signing of the register. However, it is worth keeping in mind that when down, the projection screen covers a large part of the main stain glass window at the front of the church. Also the signing of the register takes place directly under the screen so it will likely feature in the background of your photos. If you are uncertain, mention it when you meet with the minister at the church and he will show you what it looks like when the screen is down.

Order of Service You are welcome to put together an order of service to hand out to guests upon their arrival. Please consult with the minister before printing to ensure that all the key elements have been included.

Flowers and Decorations Since special precautions need to be taken with the historic church fittings, the provision of flowers and decorations are handled by St Paul’s and included in the cost of your wedding. At least four floral decorations are provided in neutral colours and wedding bows are tied to ends of the pews in the body of the church. Special requests for flowers or decorations can be considered by telephoning the minister.

Photography Photography and recording of the service is welcome. If you have any special requests please make arrangements with the minister before the service. Minimal photography should take place during the sermon and prayers.

Confetti, Rice and Flower Petals Please do not use these in the church grounds and car park as they leave unsightly residue behind. Bubbles can be used outside.

Seating  The church can seat 150 people. If you are expecting a large wedding then it would be a good idea to ask some of your friends to be ushers so that they can direct people to the remaining available seats.


The full fee for a wedding at St Paul’s is $1250 which breaks down as follows:

Hire of the building                 $275

Verger                                             $150   

Minister                                         $250

Marriage preparation             $275

Flowers & Decorations           $300


Please add $150 if you would like to hire the church organist.


A deposit of $275 is required to secure your booking.


Please get in touch if you would like to know more and may God bless you as you prepare for a life together in marriage.